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  • Colored glass is obtained by adding coloring materials to the glass paste in the float process.
  • Green, smoked, bronze and blue color are available.
  • It is the basic product for solar control.
  • It is also used as a bottom glass in the production of mirrors with coated glass.
  • Edge process can be performed
  • It can be used as single glass.
  • Insulating glass unit, laminated glass, tempered glass, partial tempered glass, glass, mirror can be produced in our Proglas Inc. factory which is equipped with high technology by developing secondary processes in colored glass.
  • There is a risk of thermal breakage in all solar control glasses, so it is recommended to use tempered or partial tempered solar control glass of colored glass series.
  • It is mainly used either in non-residential buildings with curtain walls and in all structures requiring sun control, in windows, parapets, wall fronts, roof luminaires and safety fences. It is also used in decorations such as table, coffee table, shelf, door, shower cabin and separation glass.