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The flat glass we have used in our manufacture is produced with float technology which is the world standard in the biggest factories of the world, especially in Trakya Cam Factories.

Float glass is produced by floating glass metal on molten tin method..

Flat glass and clear glass have high light transparency thanks to their transparency.

Secondary processes can produce laminated glass, tempered glass, partial tempered glass, enameled printed glass, curved glass, coated glass, mirror by using high technology in our Proglas Inc. factory which is equipped with high technology.

  • Flat glass can be used either by cutting to desired sizes or they can find usage area in many sectors such as construction, decoration, automotive, white goods, agriculture, energy by providing
  • Safety and Security,
  • Decoration
  • Noise Control
  • Functions by applying secondary processes such as edge processing, bumping, tempering, partial tempering, lamination, coating, double glazing, mirroring.