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  • Tempering process;
  • It includes the pressure on the outer surfaces of the glass on the horizontal line and the heating and cooling stages to give an indirect tensile stress to the center of the glass.
  • Proglas A.Ş., thanks to Full Convection technology, provides perfect optical appearance and minimum undulation after tempering process.
  • It increases glass durability and resistance to thermal stresses.
  • With Full Convection technology, Proglas A.Ş. can temper coated glass with low heat dissipation (e>0.018).
  • It does not change the volume, chemical structure, color and clarity of the products.
  • Tempered glass is about 5 times more durable compared to flat glass non heat treatable.
  • It is suitable for use as a safety glass because it reduces the risk of injury by separating small and unsharpened pieces when broken.


Thickness (mm) Minimum Sizes (mm) Maximum Sizes (mm)
4.0 - 19.0 105 x 350 2500 x 4200
  • It is used in glass safety fences, glass doors, shower cabinets, interior separators, glass furniture, city furniture, refrigerator and oven windows, solar collector windows, side and rear windows of automobiles